Silhouettes of Silence


Sebastian Bailey (saxophone)

Sebastian Baileywas born and raised in Montréal, Canada. His first contact with jazz was through the Montréal Interna-tional Jazz Festival. He studied music in Montréal at Vanier College (2000) and graduated as bachelor of music with distinction from Jazz Performance at McGill University in 2004. During his studies, Sebastian was awarded the Jean Lessard Big Band Prize, Calder Spanier Prize as well as the McGill Faculty of Music Prize. He has played in various jazz, soul, funk & gospel ensembles such as the CJAD All City Big Band, the Absolute Saxophone Quartet, the Chorale of Reconciliation, Carlos Jimenez Quartet, and composed for the Centaur Theatre in Montréal. Since 2010 he has worked as a freelance musician and music teacher in Berlin and has performed with, among others, Keith Tynes (The Platters), Mike Russell (Columbia Records), as well as with Reggie Moore (USA). In 2012 Bailey performed with Sarah Kaiser und pianist Samuel Jersak in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis Kirche on the occasion of Margot Käßmann’s appointment as ambassador of the national council of churches (EKD) for the upcoming anniversary of the reformation in 2017.