Silhouettes of Silence


An image in the mind's eye describing the substance, abstract or concrete, heard in the midst of quiet. The paradox of audible shapes and movements formed in the apparent void of silence is a reminder of the creative process itself.
Silhouettes of Silence is improvised composition. Challenging the common notions of form, it orients itself less in terms of closed systems but rather in the manner of silhouettes; a process of dialogue by which a sense of togetherness is brought to life touching the realm of silence.


The sound of books

is the sound of narration passed on by oral tradition. Community in remembrance and in presence, the complexity of sounds in language, the originality of wording. John Cage reminds us that sound is born in silence. He challenges, with the weighty reminder, of the depth of time of human experience, that the artificial separation of art and music and life has only happened in recent times.
‘The wisest thing to do is to open one’s ears immediately and hear a sound before one’s thinking has a chance to turn it into something logical, abstract, or symbolic.’

Silhouettes of Silence
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